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I was diagnosed with colon cancer with liver metastasis at age 45. 

Though surgery saved my life, the shift in mindset had to occur first. I felt so much despair and anxiety about the thought of cancer and the battle against it, that I needed the mindset shift to even get to the operating table.

Mindset really is key.  

Life presents us with a lot of challenges, and how we choose to deal with them is what defines us. My cancer battle taught me that even on the worst days, I needed to remember and focus on the bigger picture.  


I ended up taking the holistic route (nutrition, supplements, IFR saunas, meditation, hypnotherapy, counselling), which allowed me not only to heal but also time to reflect and think through what I really wanted to do with my life.


I didn’t immediately jump into studying nutrition & hypnotherapy but it sparked a deep interest in me to find out if there is anything I can do to decrease my chances of battling cancer again or any health-related diseases for that matter.


Not until my cancer, did I finally take the time to think about how I really wanted to help others and how I wanted to spend my time and energy each day. Although very scary, this event turned out to be such a blessing in my life as there is nothing more gratifying in life than making a difference in peoples’ lives and paying it forward. 

It fueled my desire to empower and encourage people to truly prioritise their health and wellness. If we neglect our health, both physically and mentally, it will affect us one day one way or another.

I want to help clients feel healthy, full of energy and overall really good in their bodies. 

Life really is short. 

Days seem to fly by more than ever before. It may sound trite, but it makes all the difference when we are living each day to the fullest, happy in what we are doing. 

When we are feeling healthy and content, we are kinder to others and ourselves.


So, if you are looking for ways to support your recovery, if you believe that support for the whole person is fundamental for health and healing, and if you have that deep sense that your body knows best, please get in touch, I look forward to connecting with you.

Improving health naturally is a journey not a magic pill. Natural processes take time to change so results can take time too. Most people start to feel a difference in as little as a week but improvements just keep coming, even if you don't stick to the plans 100%, within 6 weeks most people feel significantly more energetic and physically and mentally balanced.

I gained my diploma from College of Naturopathic Medicine and I am fully insured and registered with The Association of Nutritional Therapist (ANP) & also The General Naturopathic Council (GNC) alongside The National Hypnotherapy Society (HS)

Karen  59

Nearly a week into the dairy/gluten free diet & this morning I woke up without any pain for the first time in years .

Thank you for helping me on this journey.

Joanna 48

I thought I'd wait until I'd completed my two sessions to email and thank you so much for all your advice, it  has really helped put me on the right track - and the menopausal symptoms have definitely calmed down, which is a great bonus.

Thanks again for all the excellent help.


I've been reading through your handout, so comprehensive & helpful. The morning was inspiring you paced it well & presented it very clearly , nice touch ending on your sourdough bread and sampling.

Thanks so much the workshop was great!

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