• Jaz Bushell

Eat well spend less

It is getting more expensive to live in the UK making it difficult to eat healthily.

This Food Fact Sheet will give you some ideas to help you eat well and spend less.

1. Plan ahead, write a shopping list and avoid impulse purchases.

2. Cut food waste by eating leftovers from your evening meal for lunch or freezing for the following week.

3. Look out for in season fruit and vegetable deals at supermarkets, markets and local shops.

4. Cut your meat – swap for pulses (beans, & lentils) and vegetables for example when making spaghetti Bolognese, replace the mince with tinned chickpeas, lentils or kidneys beans and add frozen vegetables.

5. Use leftover vegetables from your evening meal to make soup for lunch the next day – simply pop in a pan with a stock-cube, cover with water and cook on a low heat for 10 minutes, then blend or eat it chunky.

6. Try superstore value brands, which often taste just as good for a lower price.

7. Try frozen fruit and vegetables.

8. Rely less upon ‘ready’ or manufactured food like takeaways or processed meats and cook from scratch.

9. Buy some dried herbs and spices, for example chilli powder, paprika and mixed Italian herbs – they are not expensive and they add great flavour to simple homemade dishes.

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