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Fermented food workshop

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

“I do have a crazy passion for fermented food,”

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said disease begins in the gut. So, it only stands to reason that health and beauty begin there, too. The importance of good bacteria in the gut is central to this. I want to increase this friendly bacteria, and one of the very best ways to do this is through fermented foods, so I started January 2019 with my first interactive fermented food workshops.

These bacteria are micro-organisms referred to as probiotics, which means ‘for life’. These bacteria then take up temporary residence in your intestines where they produce vitamins, strengthen the immune system and help crowd out pathogenic or disease-promoting bacteria thus helping to balance your gut flora (the community of bacteria in your gut). Additionally, the short-chain fatty acids produced by the bacteria help maintain the integrity of the cells lining your digestive tract.

Attendees were rewarded with sipping kombucha and sampling many of the fermented foods including my own sourdough bread. They also heard me extol the virtues of fermented foods and got to try their hand at making some of their own.

Some said they were fans of fermented foods but hadn’t tried to make any at home, others said that they were hoping fermented food would improve their digestive health.

Making your own fermented foods is one of the best and simplest things you can do to improve your health - and it's less expensive and complicated than you might think!

I've designed an intensive yet simple workshop that takes you through all the steps involved in making your very own fermented food and drinks.

You will leave the workshop with:

Your own jar of sauerkraut ready to ferment

Information sheets outlining all the steps plus recipes (no need to take notes)

I will also be available for continued support

What others say

" I've been reading through the handout you gave, so comprehensive and helpful. The morning was so inspiring. Jaz paced it well and presented it all very clearly. Nice touch ending on your own sourdough bread and samples"


"Really enjoyed that, thanks Jaz"


"Thanks for the workshop, you've really inspired me to try making my own ferments. Jaz also gave me a jar of kimchi and a scoby as well as the sauerkraut we made. A really relaxed and informative workshop"


"Fabulous workshop, I look forward to more of them"


Thanks so much for the workshop it was great, actually the highlight of my week"


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